“A Thousand Dances is beautifully written, immaculately researched and wonderfully imagined. It brings a lost era and its music vividly to life in a satisfying narrative wrapped around an absorbing mystery. And the story moves like a Mod on a motor scooter, stoked on amphetamines. A seriously impressive debut.”

—Andrew Cartmel, author of the Vinyl Detective series

“A delightful flight of time travel back to the 1960s, when London was moving to an exuberant, irresistible new beat and the young and not-so-young couldn’t help but keep time to it. Sara Holliday not only knows the music, she brings to life with a big heart and a sly wit the musicians who made it, the people who fell in love with and to it, and a delicious, period-perfect suspense.”

—Ellen Feldman, author of Lucy (2003) and Next to Love (2013)

“A very well-researched novel that also captures so much of the London club scene in the sixties and the music that emerged from it.”

—John Mayall, legendary blues guitarist and leader of the Bluesbreakers

“Certainly captures the flavour of that time! Took me back.”

—Jim McCarty, drummer and founding member of the Yardbirds

“Sara Holliday’s debut novel crackles with the excitement of 1960s England and a music scene about to change the world.”

—Carol Weston, author of Speed of Life

“A Thousand Dances is a thoroughly engaging novel, part mystery and part coming-of-age tale set to the sounds of Cyril Davies and Long John Baldry. Sara Holliday takes the reader to the heady, early days of the British R&B boom, from art schools and coffee bars to the club scene, where a chance encounter might lead to drinks with Mick and Keith and conversation with Georgie Fame. I was entranced, not only by her finely wrought and historically detailed portrayal of young, record-obsessed lovers of American music, but also by her sensitively wrought protagonist, Nick Spinnery, negotiating first jobs, relationships, a father still wracked by the aftereffects of World War II, and the birth of British blues rock.”

—Roberta Freund Schwartz, author of How Britain Got the Blues