Let’s Have a Party!

A Thousand Dances made its official debut on September 21, 2018! Many splendid things happened on both sides of that date. Learn more about the book and Coral Press here. Buy the book (from Amazon) here - or ask your favorite bookseller for ISBN-13: 978-1935512509. First, the book trailer came out on the Coral Press … Continue reading Let’s Have a Party!



My hero Nicky Spinnery explains it all in 2 1/2 minutes of vintage images and a great contemporary Mod song.

American Folk Blues Festivals: The British Tours

Recorded live for TV broadcast throughout Britain, these historic performances have been unseen for nearly 40 years. Filmed with superb camera work and prist… One remarkable performance after another, and I don’t just mean what Sonny Boy does with his mouth harp. No wonder Britain got the blues. American Folk Blues Festivals 1963-1966: The British … Continue reading American Folk Blues Festivals: The British Tours