1000D_Cover_for_Publicity_031318My book A Thousand Dances: A Novel of the British Blues Boom will be published in the autumn of 2018 by Coral Press!

It’s 1963, and seventeen-year-old Nicky Spinnery is swept away by London’s rhythm & blues explosion. With his best friend, peacenik filmmaker Lucinda, he dances his way around the city, crossing paths with brink-of-famers like Pete Townshend, Keith Richards, and Eric Clapton. But when a strange madness starts felling his fellow clubgoers, Nicky turns amateur detective, looking for answers among musicians, Mods, and miniskirts, armed only with his big mouth.

Nicky falls into an uneasy alliance with his schoolyard bully, now an elegant trendsetter who knows more than he’s telling. He’s forced to dodge his protective, eccentric father, a former song-and-dance man and prisoner of war who still has a trick or two up his sleeve. Will Nicky figure out what’s wrong with his peers? Will he ever make eye contact with a certain intriguing redhead? And can he keep from being grounded long enough to save the last dance?

A Thousand Dances pulses with the energy and excitement of the year the Beatles hit the big time, following the music from the kitchen sink to the dives of Soho, from suburban teen clubs to the swinging streets of Piccadilly.

Read the first chapter of A Thousand Dances!

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